Thursday, July 28, 2005


i have had it up to here with bleeding heart liberals. okay, let me qualify that statement. i have absolutely no problem with liberals, and am in fact one myself (as if you couldn't tell). what i am pretty much willing to roast are people who feel it is their duty to take the side of the minority on every issue. did it ever occur to these people that sometimes being the minority doesn't make you right every time? apparently not. send me all the hate male you want, but i just feel that this sort of behavior is the kind of bullshit that does not befit an adult. i have a friend (who shall remain anonymous) who is dating a friend (who shall also remain anonymous) who thinks that anything that might inconvenience a minority (and bear in mind, we're just talking anybody who fits the description here) is wrong, and therefore unjustifiable. for example, i could be walking down the street, and want to cross at the crosswalk. if i press the button, and there (so help me) happens to be an arabic person at the light waiting to go, i have just committed a mortal sin. okay, maybe i have stretched the point a little bit, but it is still sound. treat everybody like a human being, regardless of race, creed, color, etc. it is written into the fabric of humanity. if you feel the need to single somebody else out, no matter how justified you feel for doing so, you are just adding to the problem. racism only exists because we have defined it, and racists only exist because they are given a definition.

author's note: this post was put together on no sleep, too much beer, and the aftermath of a world-war-3ish argument with the un-named girlfriend of friend. if it doesn't make sense to you, it's because it didn't make sense to me at the time.

Tuesday, July 26, 2005

a day in the life...

i am beginning to seriously doubt the overall sanity of the human race. okay, maybe that's not entirely correct (or fair). let's say i have always harbored doubts about many people, and that lately, i more often than not believe myself to be the only sane person in the room. this is of course subjective, but let's just cull an example from an experience i had today, leaving with my friend from his apartment complex. a neighbor of his, a single mom in her mid-twenties of three young children, apparently had lost her keys to her car, and needed to drop her youngest child off at daycare. she asked if she might get a ride with us, and normally i would have obliged out of kindness, but i own a two-seater, and would naturally have no place for her or her child. this situation i explained to her, and added that my friend's car was in the shop. in any other circumstances that would have been the end of that, but she chose that moment to display some of the bad judgment that probably accounts for her mid-twenties with three kids of different fathers predicament. "how about she just sits on your friend's lap?" huh!?!? okay, let's examine this from all the angles. first of all, that is just patently unsafe from the standpoint that if we were in anything worse than a bumper to bumper the child would not survive, even if i was driving a buick. as it is, i own a small convertible two seater, and cannot imagine how anybody would think it was okay to put their child in that situation. secondly, this woman does not know me from the postman. granted i usually give off the impression of a fairly respectable person, but i am still a stranger. add to that the fact she has only just recently become acquainted with my friend, and you have to seriously question her judgment. i pondered this one for a while before writing about it, and i still cannot think of a situation where if would judge it acceptable to put my child at risk like that, short of perhaps an impending tsunami. hmm, anybody disagree?

Monday, July 25, 2005

hello world!

ha! a new blog, a new start, a new life! well, not quite. i have decided that since my life is now heading in a completely different direction than previously (more on that later), my blogging personality should also move in a new direction. so, here's to fresh starts. since this is the inaugural blog, let me introduce myself a little bit here for those of you who don't know me. i am a twentyish-old enough to drink, not old enough to rent a car-year old young guy from the seattle vicinity (well, honestly i'm a california transplant, but don't hold it against me), currently a student at cwu (in cow-town washington), majoring in pr. by the way, if you own a mansion in cow-town, and would like to rent it to me for say, $600 a month, please let me know! i like pina coladas, walks on the beach at sunset...sorry, got a little sidetracked there. anyways, what we'll be doing here is a little social commentary and such (because that's all we need in life is somebody else to throw in their two cents), on a fairly regular basis (read: daily), and every once and a while i might go on tom cruise tangent. not too often though, i promise, he gets enough ink already, that crazy rascal! well, i will get back to life not spent in front of a computer now, but for anybody not familiar with my blogging history, i recommend checking back, the comments i get can sometimes be like witnessing an accident! oh, and i won't be talking about my job (because i don't have one, i love being a student), so don't just lurk around waiting for me to get canned ;)

author’s note: no cows were offended in the creation of this blog. cows don’t have feelings. now you know.